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Join Date Oct 7, 2012
Access Rank Regular Loser
Approx. Post Count 350
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User ID Unknown
Regular Board Forum Games
Favorite Anime Prefers manga
Previous Alias Unknown

Background Edit

Arasy alias Aroosy, Atrashy, Ara or Palmtree is a sneaky user whom nobody knew the gender of until 45 years later - and scientists are still not sure if it's true. Arasy is the weebiest of the weebs since they made a profile specifically for a fictional character's birthday. Besides reading books, playing light novel games and procrastinating from studying, Arasy likes bullying and talking about food. Arasy will be found at #music and/or #spam and also #chat and is in fact a living meme. 99.000009% of Arasy is made out of eco-friendly trash but only high quality eco trash will suffice.

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