General talk about anime. Probably the biggest board traffic wise.

How to start a flame warEdit

Go to the overrated/underrated thread and say that Shingeki no Kyojin or Clannad is overrated. Keep acting intelligent until you get somebody on your side and hand them the torch.

See if Sung-Hwan is online (easy bait)

Insult Kill La Kill

Lightly criticize Fate series

Tips when newbies ask for recommendations for animeEdit

Recommend Boku no Pico (Mars of Destruction and Pupa work too).

Start a circlejerk

Popular ThreadsEdit

  • Most overrated/underrated anime
  • Is mainstream/generic/cliche bad
  • The Big Three/General Battle Shounen
  • Hype Threads
  • Newbies asking for recs (tell them Boku no Pico and point to the real rec board)
  • Seasonal anime related threads, e.g., first impressions, best/worst anime, best OP/ED, favorite character, etc.
  • "Is it just me" threads
  • Anime: then vs now.
  • Subs vs Dubs
  • JustAlex's "fetish" threads

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