All of the following apps allow you to manage your list directly via an Android app.

Apps that merely import your list from MAL have not been included, as they're no different to full websites like Anime-Planet and Hummingbird that do the same.


PickPocket MAL

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Pocket MAL is a mobile client for 
With this application you will be able to browse your anime and manga lists, browse anime and manga details, edit titles, and use the search.

So you can watch anime or read manga on the couch and edit titles at once. Is not that convenient?'


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Rating: 4.6/5 

'ALERT: There is currently a problem connecting to MyAnimeList. We have made some patches to the API system for a workaround, but problems may still occur. Follow our status on twitter at

NOTE: This is the beta edition of the application for those who like to test pre-release features. If you want stability, please install the non-beta release.

Please read the "known issues" below before commenting!

This is the beta of Atarashii!. This means that although the code might not be quite finished, it should be stable enough for general use. In the event of a crash, please report it so we can have stable and bug-free releases. <3

"Atarashii" is Japanese for "New, Modern". Atarashii! aims to be a modern, native Android app for managing your MAL. It sports a beautiful design, simplicity and ease of use.

With Atarashii!, no longer do you have to flip back and forth between your anime/manga to update your MAL, just pull out your phone, and with a few taps you're done.

No connection? No problem! Once you're signed in, Atarashii! works just as good offline as it does online. And once you regain connectivity, Atarashii! will automagically send all your changes up to MAL. Easy. Fast. Modern. Epic.

Atarashii! is a labour of love, and we hope you like it just as much as we do. Enjoy!

- Some UI weirdness with the sidebar.'

MAL for Android 2Edit

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Rating: 4.5/5

'MAL For Android 2 is a ground up rewrite of the original MAL For Android. Giving you the same easy, quick access to your Myanimelist account but with a refreshed look and support for phones, 7in and 10in tablets.

Currently you can synchronize your list to the app and have ready access at all times. Even if you’re in a no wifi or cell service zone.

Update your watched status, score and, watched count and with our journalized update feature there is no need to worry as it will be synchronize to Myanimelist as soon as you’re back online.

Browse your anime and manga list, lookup sequels, prequels or, alternate re-tellings and add them to your list on the spot.

Search the Myanimelist catalog for keywords and preview the results in their full glory. If you like one you can add it to your list immediately from the app.'



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Rating: 4.0/5

'MALO is the MyAnimeList client for Android.

If you truly enjoy MALO, please checkout MALO PRO.

Check for more info. You need an account at to use this app.

You need Android 1.6+ to use this app.