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One of the newly minted regulars in the forums, Afshiro gained notoriety after getting banned as a result of spamming a loli thread along with several users.  

Entry into the EliteEdit

Lately, Afshiro is seen hanging around MAL's elite, The Chat Club regulars. Invited by Nerveri, Afshiro's random one-liners was ignored at first by the ladies and gentlemen of the court. But even so, Afshiro's grit and shamelessness gradually won over the aristocrats, and was granted admission into the fold.  

The Big Reveal

On August 5th, as if in a real life shoujo manga, Afshiro was exposed as a girl by the prince, Infinite, much to everyone's disbelief and pleasant surprise.


From then on, Afshiro was hailed as MAL's "best girl." However, acquiring such a title though is not without its drawbacks. Korrvo, one of the court's debauched dukes, tried to flirt with this new girl. He said, "Wait, is that legitimate? I didn't know that face was actually a member of the forum. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said such dirty things about it. So soon, anyway." The elites are eagerly awaiting for a possible betrothal between this beautiful young lady and the rakish duke. 

Interactions with Other UsersEdit

Afshiro holds disdain for DesuMaiden, a member of MAL's Holy Trinity, along with Supercolin and Draeswolf. She can be seen posting one-line insults in the first page of a DesuMaiden thread. However, she was given advice by the prince to make her attempts more subtle; but this has been completely ignored by Afshiro who seemed content with her style's effectiveness at warding off this evil spirit. 

Enema and Afshiro have a rather... unconventional (and possibly unhealthy) relationship. Afshiro's statement to Enema makes it all clear: "I've stalked you on MAL every day since I met you, just looking for possible conversations we could have while waiting for you to post a comment on my profile."

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